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Scott Lucas and The Married Men

I recently photographed Scott Lucas and The Married Men at a parking garage near their practice space. The pictures will be used as album art for their soon to be released record, Blood Half Moon, as well as for promos. In lighting this shot I was thinking about films noir I’ve watched recently, like Asphalt Jungle and Naked City.

Scott Lucas and The Married Men, photographed by Jim Newberry.

Photos for new Plush record, “Bright Penny”

Update: There are two music videos (so far) for this album. I shot the video for the opening track, Take A Chance, and Roman Coppola shot the video for White Telescope.

I had the pleasure of taking pictures (both publicity stills and album art photos) of my friend Liam Hayes for the new Plush record, Bright Penny, which comes out next week on the British label Broken Horse and the Japanese imprint After Hours. Here’s a collage I put together from the promo shots: