Rest in Peace John Grabski III

Last November I met John Grabski III, who was in town recording an album (as “Teeth”) with Steve Albini at Electrical Audio. I was planning on waiting until the record was pressed to post the photos, but I just heard the terrible news that he died (I’m not yet exactly sure when–sometime in the last few days). He had long known that he had cancer and didn’t have long to live, but nonetheless this came as a shock. I was looking forward to meeting him again and talking to him about the finished record. I only spent a couple hours with him but he made quite an impression in that short time. The record, called “The Strain,” is here.

John Grabski III at Electrical Audio in Chicago. Photo by Jim Newberry.
John Grabski III at Electrical Audio in Chicago. Photo by Jim Newberry.

4 Responses to Rest in Peace John Grabski III

  1. Cindy Brown says:

    love the photos of my one and only nephew !

  2. Jim Newberry says:

    Thanks, I had a great time photographing him–a lot of personality there.

  3. Martha Brown says:

    Thank you, Jim, for capturing such wonderful images of my son during a very productive time in his life. He was thrilled to be the recipient of your time and talent. Rest assured that his family is as well.

  4. Lynette E Brown Maternal Grandmother says:

    yes, John was my one and only gradchild. Throu his life, he was filled with real joy in life that was catching. The energy he had, and empathy for those around him made him unforgetable. His music gave voice to his deepest feeligs, far beyond mere words. I am a proud Nana still.

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