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Nic and Nora

Nic and Nora in Highland Park, Los Angeles. Photo by Jim Newberry. Nora Brank and Nic Maier photographed in L.A. by Jim Newberry.

On Monday I photographed my friends and neighbors, Nic and Nora, with their dog Solo Vino (strangely not named Asta) at their Highland Park digs. Nic is one of the creators of the high-weirdness, VHS-obsessed site, Everything is Terrible.

David Burns & Austin Young at Fruitique

David Burns and Austin Young of Fallen Fruit, at their Fruitique. Photo by Jim Newberry.

David Burns and Austin Young at their Fruitique. These guys are onto something good, check out their site, Fallen Fruit.

Esteban Schimpf

Esteban Schimpf portrait by Jim Newberry. Esteban Schimpf portrait by Jim Newberry.

I shot these portraits of artist Esteban Schimpf at his Highland Park, Los Angeles apartment last night. I met him a few months ago here in L.A., but it turns out we lived a few blocks from each other in Chicago’s Pilsen neighborhood in the early 2000s. Check out Schimpf’s work here.

Levi Ponce

Artist Levi Ponce in Pacoima, Los Angeles. Photo by Jim Newberry. Artist Levi Ponce in Pacoima, Los Angeles, standing in front of a mural he painted of Cheech Marin. Photo by Jim Newberry.

Last weekend I shot portraits of artist Levi Ponce, in Pacoima, where he grew up and where you can find many murals he’s painted, like the one above depicting Cheech Marin. Check out more of his work here.


Mannequin head x-ray. Photo by Jim Newberry.

Wilshire Boulevard, Los Angeles. August 16, 2014.


Black and white portrait of a woman on the Hidden Valley Trail in Joshua Tree National Park. Photo by Jim Newberry.
On the Hidden Valley Trail at Joshua Tree National Park, July 20, 2014.



Aisha, July 7th, 2014, Highland Park, L.A. I love shooting night exterior portraits.

Surfnista and Nick Gabaldon Day

Surfer Mimi Miller at El Porto Beach. Photo by Jim Newberry.

For a new project I’ve been photographing members and friends of the Black Surfers Collective. Here are the latest pictures, shot a couple days ago at El Porto Beach, of  the effervescently charismatic Mimi “Surfnista” Miller .


Tomorrow, Saturday June 14th, the BSC is celebrating Nick Gabaldon Day at “The Inkwell” (beach at Bay St.) in Santa Monica. Gabaldon was one of the first surfers of color in California. Events included free surf lessons, screening of the Gabaldon documentary 12 Miles North, and a visit from L.A. County Supervisor Mark Ridley-Thomas. More info about the event here.