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Permanent Records & Record Store Day

Liz Tooley and Lance Barresi at Permanent Records in Los Angeles.Photo by Jim Newberry.

In 2006 I photographed Liz Tooley and Lance Barresi, owners of what was then a new record store in Chicago, Permanent Records. Since then their business has thrived; the flagship store remains and they’ve branched out to Los Angeles, where they have a store on Highland Park’s York Avenue, a mile away from where I just moved. Tomorrow is Record Store Day, so why don’t you give them a visit?

Liz Tooley and Lance Barresi at Permanent Records in Chicago. Photo by Jim Newberry.

John Herndon under a UFO

A couple nights ago, on Colorado Boulevard in Eagle Rock, Los Angeles, I photographed drummer John Herndon for my improv musician series. John is a fellow ex-Chicagoan who I’ve shot many times over the years, in different bands including Tortoise, Isotope 217, and Five Style.  (OK, so maybe it’s an IFO.)




And below is a portrait I shot in 2003 for a Peter Margasak article in the Reader (I used a 3D camera for some of the shots during that session).

John Herndon animated gif by Jim Newberry.

Chiang Mai Noir

Film Noir style portrait shot in Chiang Mai, Thailand by Jim Newberry.

March 5th, 2014, Chiang Mai, Thailand.

Sugar and Gaow at a Chiang Mai Fish Spa

Chiang Mai fish spa. Photo by Jim Newberry. Here’s Sugar (at left, yawning) with Nattapol “Gaow” Nukulkham at a fish spa near Tha Phae Gate. Gaow is a Chiang Mai University photography student who has assisted me on several shoots. You can see a couple of his fine photographs here.

A fish spa is a place where a person exchanges hard-earned money for the opportunity to allow Garra rufa fish to dine on the flesh of their lower legs and feet. Might be a good way for pescetarians and carnivores to rebalance their karma.


Mangoes photographed in a street market in Chiang Mai, Thailand, by Jim Newberry. Mangoes photographed in a street market in Chiang Mai, Thailand, by Jim Newberry.

Mangoes. Lots of them. Warorot Market, March 4th, 2014.

Child’s-eye view, Chiang Mai street market

Street photo in Chiang Mai, Thailand by Jim Newberry.

Sometimes it’s good to alter your vantage point; seems like whenever I crouch down to get low angle shots, something interesting happens. At the Warorot street market as usual, March 4th, 2014.

Mount Victoria Lookout, self portrait

Moving self portrait at Mount Victoria, Wellington, by Jim Newberry

Yesterday I hiked to the peak of Wellington’s Mount Victoria, which offers a panoramic view of the city. This little clip was inspired by Neil Young’s weirdly entertaining video for Wonderin’, and also by Bill Murray’s epic choreographed hair acrobatics in the movie Kingpin.

Mebourne CBD

Melbourne CBD street photo by Jim Newberry.

I’ve arrived in beautiful Wellington, New Zealand, but have a couple more Melbourne posts to catch up with before getting to NZ photos. I shot this picture a week ago in downtown Melbourne.