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Free photo workshops!


I’m about to begin conducting  photo workshops here in L.A., including a couple free classes as I get up and running.  If you think you might be interested, please fill out the brief form below and I’ll keep you posted (and/or stay tuned to this blog). Pictured above are the lovely and talented participants in a workshop I held in Chicago a while back.

Recent Instagram photos

I’ve been having a good time posting to Instagram lately, have you? If you’re on IG, leave a link to your account in the comments.

 Figueroa St. #mannequin #shopwindow #reflections #hat  What kind of #bird is this? Shot at #macarthurpark #la.  Paparazzi outside the Vogue Theater on Hollywood Blvd, August 20th. #hollywood #paparazzi  Neighborhood chicken, in a front yard on Figueroa. #citychicken #highlandpark #livestock  Big tree, downtown L.A. #dtla
 Bustle in your hedgerow; latest in a series.  #tree #sky  Dollar store on Figueroa in #highlandpark. Back to school indeed. #backtoschool #signs #fail  Hollywood Boulevard storefront window. #creepy #mannequin #shopwindow  Downtown L.A. Looking straight up. #dtla
 Third in this #selfportrait series, shot on #sunsetblvd in #echopark yesterday. #colors #sunset #shadows  Another shot from the fantastic His & Her wig shop on #wilshireblvd. #wig #blackandwhite  Painting on facade of hair salon on Alvorado near MacArthur Park. #streetart #salon #la  Alvarado Street. #mural #pawnshop #street #shop #primarycolors  From my archives: acrobatic duo Ambidextrous (Laura Lippert and Helena Reynolds) shot in February, 2011 at my former studio in Little Village, Chicago. Moon and clouds painted by Ray Borchers. #myarchives #papermoon #vintage #moon
 Another #selfportrait in my #colors series. #blue  #sky  Q Spicy Shoes, downtown LA. #dtla #elvira #streetart  Automaton fortune teller.  His & Her Hair, #wilshireblvd #moustache #wig #storefront
 Shot this self-portrait last week, for a new series. I don't call my blanket a "blankie" and I don't call self- portraits "selfies."#dtla #selfportrait #colors  #la  El Torito, 8th St near Alvorado. A stone's throw from MacArthur Park. #torito #Oaxaca #mexicanfood #la  General Harrison Gray Otis, 1837-1917. "Soldier, journalist, friend of freedom." #sculpture at #MacArthurPark  His & Her Hair, #wilshireblvd #wigs #storefront
 Soul-absconding Korean food. Resisted urge to make terrible pun. #dtla #soulfood  Near MacArthur Park, August 22, 2014. #blue #pink #red #losangeles #street  From my archives, here's Pit er Pat, shot in 2006 on the roof of my then apartment in Chicago. Fay Davis-Jeffers, Butchy Fuego, Rob Doran (l to r). @thrilljockey  Mural near 6th & Alvarado, L.A. #mural #pope #streetart  #secretlifeofplants #silverlake

Jon Langford video: Drone Operator

A video for Jon Langford & Skull Orchard’s powerful song Drone Operator was recently released, which I helped shoot (hint: I didn’t film the military/drone shots). Here’s a Langford interview from a couple days ago in Vice, where Jon talks about the song, the Mekons, aboriginal music, how he came to make an album against the death penalty, and more.



This is the second Langford music video I’ve been lucky to be involved in; I also shot this one.

Oh no, not Instagram!?

Hey Instagram users, I’ve been posting there pretty regularly, please follow me if you’re so inclined.

New travel blog,

Young child in Bangkok, Thailand. Photo by Jim Newberry.

As I mentioned a few weeks ago, I’ve left Chicago and am traveling for a while, first stop Bangkok, Thailand (on my way to Chiang Mai), where I shot this portrait. I plan to continue posting photos here at, but I’ve started a new blog,, specifically for my nomadic excursion.

In October, I become a professional hobo

Sky and clouds in late afternoon sun, as seen from airplane. Photo by Jim Newberry.
I’ve lived in Chicago, one of the greatest cities in the world, for almost five decades. But now I’ve decided to divest myself of most of my worldly possessions, leave town with only as much as I can carry, and travel abroad for an indeterminate length of time. Inspired by people like Matt, Jodi, Rolf, and Erin & Simon, I’ll be embarking on a serendipitous journey for a couple months, or maybe a year or more.

I’ll be a slow-traveling, nomadic minimalist doing location-independent work (photography, videography, web design), which is a verbose and pretentious way of saying I’ll be a hobo. I’m starting in Chiang Mai, Thailand, a destination that by all accounts is fabulous: culturally-rich, inexpensive, with reliable Internet access (gotta have it to work), friendly people, and spectacular food. From there maybe more travel around Asia, Australia, New Zealand…who knows. I’ll be regularly posting updates and photos at another, soon-to-be-launched travel blog.

Note to clients: I’ll have access to my digital archives while abroad, and will be easy to reach via email. So if you need images from a previous shoot, just holler. And I’ll be available for photo and video assignments if you need something shot in Thailand, or elsewhere on the planet.

Sweet Jesus I’ve gone to the dark side

I’ve joined Instagram.

Disser of Chicago, Rachel Shteir

Rachel Shteir in Chicago. Photo by Jim Newberry.

Author and professor Rachel Shteir caused a stir with her Chicago-bashing New York Times article earlier this month. Here’s a portrait from my archives, shot in 2005 for a profile in the Reader. The Reader‘s Michael Miner weighs in on Shteir’s article here, and follows up here.