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Jandek: This Saturday at The Echo in L.A.

Jandek performing live at Chicago's Empty Bottle in 2006

The wonderfully enigmatic singer, songwriter, and guitarist Jandek will take the stage this Saturday (May 24th) at The Echo in Los Angeles. Tickets available here. I shot the picture above at The Empty Bottle in Chicago, in September of 2006.

Permanent Records & Record Store Day

Liz Tooley and Lance Barresi at Permanent Records in Los Angeles.Photo by Jim Newberry.

In 2006 I photographed Liz Tooley and Lance Barresi, owners of what was then a new record store in Chicago, Permanent Records. Since then their business has thrived; the flagship store remains and they’ve branched out to Los Angeles, where they have a store on Highland Park’s York Avenue, a mile away from where I just moved. Tomorrow is Record Store Day, so why don’t you give them a visit?

Liz Tooley and Lance Barresi at Permanent Records in Chicago. Photo by Jim Newberry.

Pussy Riot in Los Angeles!

Pussy Riot discussion in L.A. organized by The Voice Project. Photos by Jim Newberry.


Last night I was fortunate to watch (and photograph) a discussion with  Nadezhda (Nadya) Tolokonnikova and Maria (Masha) Alyokhina of Pussy Riot, on a panel with Wayne Kramer, Shepard FaireyAnne Litt, Pyotr Verzilov, Hunter Heaney, and Chris Holmes.


It was sad and infuriating to hear Nadya and Masha detail how Vladimir Putin and others have tried to silence them in many ways, including prison terms and physical attacks; but also incredibly inspiring to see how they have persevered, courageously standing up—risking their lives in fact—to stand up for human rights (their own rights and the rights of others).


Wayne Kramer had sobering as well as hopeful things to say about incarcerated Americans; his organization Jail Guitar Doors is involved with education and rehabilitation, including providing musical instruments to inmates.  


The event was organized by Hunter Heaney and Chris Holmes’ organization The Voice Project, which strives to effect social change through the power of music.

Frankie Knuckles, Rest In Peace

Frankie Knuckles at the turntable. Photo by Jim Newberry.

Brilliant Chicago house music trailblazer Frankie Knuckles died Monday, more details reported to be coming Tuesday. I was fortunate to to meet him at his home on my birthday in 2003, to photograph him for a Remix magazine cover.

Jon Langford video: Drone Operator

A video for Jon Langford & Skull Orchard’s powerful song Drone Operator was recently released, which I helped shoot (hint: I didn’t film the military/drone shots). Here’s a Langford interview from a couple days ago in Vice, where Jon talks about the song, the Mekons, aboriginal music, how he came to make an album against the death penalty, and more.



This is the second Langford music video I’ve been lucky to be involved in; I also shot this one.

My Sleepy Hummingbird

The musician known as My Sleepy Hummingbird in San Francisco. Photo by Jim Newberry.
The musician known as My Sleepy Hummingbird in San Francisco. Photo by Jim Newberry.

This is the musician known as My Sleepy Hummingbird, along with his unusual guitar, outside The Hotel Utah Saloon, in San Francisco, right after an outstanding open mic performance. Here’s one of his songs, from KC Turner Presents:

The Appleseed Cast at Fireside Bowl

The Appleseed Cast at the Fireside Bowl in Chicago. Photo by Jim Newberry.I shot this picture of the Appleseed Cast at the Fireside Bowl (where they performed later that night) circa 2001. They’ll be back at the Logan Square bowling alley and music venue this Thursday and Friday, August 8th and 9th.


Avreeayl Ra

Avreeayl Ra photo by Jim Newberry.

I photographed Avreeayl Ra last month, as part of my improv musician series. Avreeayl will be performing tomorrow night, at the excellent new music venue Constellation, with Dave Rempis and Joshua Abrams. Abrams interviewed Ra a few years ago for Stop Smiling magazine; you can read it here.